PPC Philton Can Cover Any Shape, Any Size!!

A couple of examples of some extremely thin Dust Pallet Covers and heavy duty Special Shaped Covers we have made in the past.

It would be really good to hear from any prospective clients that have any enquiries no matter how big, small, tiny or tall!!!.  We would be delighted to quote on any enquiries you currently have.

Did you know, we also produce the following –
• Bags from 600mm up to 30,000mm
• Shaped bags covers and liner
• Any shape or size
• Standard and complex designs tailored to suit any application
• Angled and shaped welds
• Various other Bulk transit packaging
• Made from PE films / Barrier films / Anti-static films / High strength films / Bubble film laminates

If you need any further details on any of these products, please feel free to contact us or visit our website www.ppcphilton.com

If there are any other packaging products you feel we could assist with, we would be delighted to help.