PPC Philton goes green!

PPC Philton is proud to announce that we have achieved the ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System Accreditation.

With growing concern for our Planet and those that inhabit it, we have taken action to improve our carbon foot print. In addition to this we are also looking as ways to reduce packaging, or incorporate the packaging as part of the end product, in order to make our products more environmentally friendly. For example, the cardboard boxes our Flexitanks are supplied in are used as part of the installation process.

PPC Philton has developed a framework for a better management system to reduce our environmental impact.  This system requires us to responsibly recycle all materials and to reduce product waste and consumption.

Solar energy is used in our India manufacturing plant to produce our products.

Our UK operation is leading the way by aiming to reduce our waste collection by 50% in 2020

PPC Philton are actively pursuing the latest Polymer technology developments to produce our products in Carbon Neutral materials made from Corn Starch, Sugar Cane etc and are promoting these products to our customers wherever applicable. An example shown is a dry bulk customers liner made from Corn Starch (Photo)

Our on-going focus on ISO 14001 helps us to meet goals to achieve a better and cleaner business. It’s a reminder that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment by preventing pollution and continually improving the air we breathe, the water we drink and the earth we inhabit.